Why you should get prescription sunglasses?

Whenever there is mention of prescription sunglasses, most people ask the question: Are prescription sunglasses worth it? If you are an outdoorsy person who likes to hike, bike, walk in the sunshine or if you simply like to drive around during sunny weather, then most definitely yes they are worth it. Prescription glasses are necessary to some and even require a special coating to protect their eyes from computer or phone screens. So why not invest in a good pair of sunglasses that you know will protect your eyes from the sun’s UV rays?

Only prescription sunglasses give you the best possible vision correction and a wide variety of tints to give you the most comfortable vision possible in bright conditions. Even if you wear contacts combined with non-prescription sunglasses when going outside, a separate pair of prescription sunglasses still is a good option. The prescription sunglasses give you the choice to take off your contact lenses if they feel dry or uncomfortable at the beach or elsewhere outdoors and still be able to see clearly and comfortably on sunny days.


When to use polarized lenses?

  • Polarized lenses filter reflected light to reduce glare

  • They improve comfort and visibility

  • Use them if you spend a lot of time driving, near water, sand, or other areas where light is highly reflected off surfaces.

  • All of our Maui Jim sunglasses are polarized no matter what, and our stock is always kept up to date. A new feature they offer is that you can customize your Maui Jims by selecting your favourite lens colour and frame colour independently (this applies to non-prescription Maui Jims as well).

Did you know that Maui Jims sold in Costco are actually all discontinued styles?

When NOT to use polarized lenses?

  • One example is competitive downhill skiing, where you actually want to see the bright patches of reflected light because they alert you to icy conditions and you can avoid potential skidding injuries.

  • Pilots should not use polarized lenses because it’s important that they see reflections off other flying planes in the sky

There is no denying that buying a pair of quality prescription sunglasses is a considerable investment for anyone. However if you spend any length of time outdoors, the results such as seeing crystal clear and comfortably without sun-induced eye strain and most importantly, protecting your eyes from UV light, it all becomes worth it.

We at View Optometry encourage everyone to have a pair of sunglasses and if you need them, a pair of prescription sunglasses.

Teri Hines