No more air puff test!!!!

We have all had those eye exams where we go in dreading the air puff test. There is nothing to like about this part of an eye exam, I mean having to keep your eyes open while you have air blown into them should come with a prize of its own. Its purpose is to find out whether or not you have elevated eye pressure, although elevated eye pressure does not automatically mean you have glaucoma, it elevates your chances of leading to glaucoma. Let’s face it, like blood pressure, we would rather you keep your eye pressure at a lower level than a high one.



Our I- care tonometer is small but mighty. For one there is no air puff coming out of it and two, no we do not have to put drops in your eyes to numb them while we use it. Our tonometer is small and portable, designed for every type of patient. When we sit you down, we will ask you to relax and look ahead, usually at the wall in front of you,the tonometer has an intelligent positioning assistant for the correct alignment to take your measurement. There is also a forehead support which makes it a little less scary when the tonometer comes near you, because of this, the I-care tonometer is very patient friendly and there’s a very little amount of people who will not be able to tolerate it. That said it does have to come quite close to your eye as there is a little probe that has to touch your eye for a quick millisecond. About 95% of our patients back away instinctively when the tonometer starts coming close to their face but they quickly regain their composure once they realize how quick and easy the process is. We do hear a lot of “that was so easy” or “this is nothing compared to the air puff test” and that is what we like to hear.


At View Optometry, we strive to make your eye exam as painless as possible, the I-care tonometer is just one extra step we take to make sure you are comfortable with every part of our comprehensive exam. If you know you are quite sensitive to things touching your eyes or don’t like anything close to your face, tell us when we are checking you in and we will make sure to use another approach in getting your eye pressure.




Teri Hines