Shipyards Garden District in Lower Lonsdale

We at View Optometry love to be part of our local community, we believe it brings businesses closer to one another. One way that we do this is to participate in the Shipyards Garden District initiative. This is the second year of this program and we are happy to say that we have taken part in this project since the beginning. In our second year we hope to grow more produce to give back to those around us. If you walk by our or any of the garden boxes in Lower Lonsdale, feel free to take any herbs or greens you would like.

What is the Shipyards Garden District you ask?

Businesses in Lower Lonsdale sponsor a garden that they put outside their business in the spring and summer months. In these gardens we grow produce and herbs that can be picked and eaten by anyone who walks by. This program was started by the Lower Lonsdale BIA and our very own Dr. Hines is the treasurer on the board.

Why are these gardens important?

It helps businesses to give back to the community and provides local, sustainable produce in an urban setting. It also unites those who are part of the Lower Lonsdale community and helps spread the word about all these small local business you would’ve never guessed are there!

Who makes the garden boxes and how are they different than other garden boxes?

Life Spaces Gardens builds them! They are a great small business in the Lower Lonsdale area. These gardens are unique because they have a self-watering system. They are equipped with a holding tank in the bottom of the garden box which means that you only need to water the garden about once per week.

What are we growing this year?

This year we have beans (grown from seeds), purple kale, lettuce, and swiss chard. This is a perfect mixture for a great salad and also a great assortment of veggies for helping to prevent macular degeneration. Who knew that you could benefit so much from one garden box!

Follow us on Instagram to get updates on how our garden is doing. You can also follow the #shipyardsgardendistrict to see how the whole neighborhood of garden boxes are doing. Don’t be shy, please come by and grab your salad fixings any time!

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Teri and mayer Mussatto
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