Do you want longer lashes?

Ladies, have you ever seen someone with long thick eyelashes and wish they were yours? Or worse, seen a man with the best looking eyelashes but who doesn’t appreciate them? Well we are happy to say that we at View Optometry may be able to be of assistance when it comes to longer lashes. We carry a science based and FDA approved treatment called Latisse and in this blog we will tell you why this treatment will make all your lash wishes come true!

Dr.Hines before and after Latisse treatment (she does not have eyelash hypotrichosis)

Dr.Hines before and after Latisse treatment (she does not have eyelash hypotrichosis)

For some of us we would like long eyelashes to make our eyes pop or to have a nice bold look. For others the struggle of longer eyelashes is due to something called eyelash hypotrichosis. Hypotrichosis refers to a condition characterized by a lack of hair growth, and eyelash hypotrichosis is synonym for having inadequate or not enough eyelashes. This can be a condition diagnosed at birth or can be caused by several factors such as aging, improper use of eyelash curler, poor makeup removing, hormone conditions and allergies to the glue used to apply extensions. This condition is different than alopecia (a condition where you lose hair where there was once hair growth) and natural balding. Hypotrichosis describes a condition where there was never much hair growth in an area to begin with.


Latisse: Longer, Thicker, Darker!

Latisse is the recommended treatment for eyelash hypotrichosis as it is the sole FDA approved treatment that will enhance your eyelashes, making them longer, thicker and darker. Latisse is applied once daily to the base of the upper eyelashes with a one time applicator. However with Latisse you will not see immediate overnight results, you will have to wait to see the full effect of this treatment. It usually takes around 2 months to start seeing your lashes grow but once they do you will be happy to see that good things do come to those who wait.

If you would like to know more about Latisse, feel free to call our clinic and we will happily answer any questions you have!

Teri Hines