How to clean your glasses…

If you just bought a brand new pair of glasses, congratulations! It will probably be easier to see now and you’ll look great too. Cleaning your glasses daily is the best way to help prevent lens scratches and damage to your frame. There may be some techniques that you are currently using that are not the best way to prevent any damage.

Steps for how to clean your glasses

  1. Washing your hands and drying them before you clean your glasses is a good first step

  2. Run your glasses under a stream of warm water, make sure it’s not hot water as this may damage the anti-reflective coating on your lenses.

  3. Spray eyeglass cleaner on the lenses (Another cleaner that is okay to use is dish soap, a small drop will do if you are out of eyeglass cleaner)

  4. Rub the cleaner over your lenses to cleanse away all the small particles of dirt or dust.

  5. Dry them first with a clean dish towel

  6. Wipe the lenses with a microfiber cloth, removing any remaining moisture on the lenses and tada! You now have clean glasses!

Do not wipe you lenses with…

  • Your dirty shirt

  • Paper towels

  • Tissues/Kleenex

These all contain fine debris that can result in quickly scratching your glasses. If there is even the smallest piece of dust or lint or even food on your shirt, this can smudge your lenses and cause tiny scratches. Paper towel and tissues are too abrasive and will scuff your lenses.

If you have bought your glasses from us at View Optometry, you will have been given an eyeglass cleaner and cloth.

Teri Hines