Common Eye Diseases


A condition where the lenses inside the eyes become progressively opaque which results in blurry vision.  Cataracts can be treated with surgery and this surgery is one of the most commonly performed in North American.


A condition that affects the optic nerve in the back of the eye which results in decreased peripheral vision.  Unfortunately glaucoma can go undetected for many years if the patient has not been having routine eye exams.  This is because there are no symptoms for glaucoma until much later in the disease process.

Macular degeneration

A condition that affects a part of the retina called the macula which results in blurred or distorted central vision.  At View Optometry we use an OCT to detect macular degeneration very early.  A healthy diet and good sun protection will help to prevent macular degeneration from affecting your eyes.

Diabetic retinopathy

A condition that affects the retinal blood vessels and can cause severe vision loss in the late stages of the disease.  The retina is one of the only places where blood vessels can be viewed without invasive techniques.  At each eye exam at View Optometry we will take a retinal photo of your eyes and show you weather or not you are at risk for diabetes.


At View Optometry we can diagnose and monitor for all of these conditions and many more.  If there ever comes a time where a referral is necessary, we can get you in to see an ophthalmologist promptly.

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