Dry Eyes

Everyday we see at least one patient with dry eyes.  If you are the one of these lucky patients, not to worry!  Here are some great ways to alleviate some of the symptoms...

Most people think that tears are just water.... Not true!  Tears are complex structures with three layers: a mucus layer to help keep the tears on the eye, a water layer, and an outer lipid layer to prevent tears from evaporating.  Treatment will depend on which layer you are deficient in.  Click here to find out what the two main types of dry eye are.


There are 3 first line treatments for dry eye:

  • Artificial tears

    • These drops are great to use as a quick fix if your eyes are feeling dry, ladies, make sure to wear waterproof makeup the days you put in those drops!
    • There are many different types of artificial tears.  We know that going to the pharmacy to pick some up can be overwhelming; please ask us which drops will work best for you
  • Hot compresses and lid scrubs

    • The heat from the compress will help to open up the glands on your lids which produce an oil for your eyes, put it on for 5 minutes and try not to fall asleep!
    • The lid scrubs will help to get rid of any debris causing those glands not to work properly
  • Omega3 supplements or getting more Omega3 in your diet

    • Omega3 will promote better health and function of the oil producing glands
    • Eating more fish will increase your Omega3 but if fish is really not your cup of tea, flaxseed or walnuts will boost your Omega3 intake too!


Visit our office to determine which of these treatments would best treat the type of dry eye that you have.  Depending on type and severity of your dry eye you may need to do multiple treatments simultaneously.

If the treatments listed above don’t work for you, there are more options... prescribed medications!

Remember… Dry eye treatment is ongoing, it is not a cure.

Teri Hines