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You do not need to suffer any longer with dry or irritated eyes. Make an appointment to discuss the type of dry eye you have and some solutions to alleviate your symptoms. Did you know that some eye drops you can find at the drugstore may be harming your eyes? Visit us to find out more.

two main types of dry eyeS

Evaporative dry eye

Is the most common cause of dry eye and is due to a blockage of the glands inside our eyelids which produce oils for our tears. With this type of dry eye proper lid care, diet, and lipid replacement eye drops will help alleviate your symptoms.

Aqueous deficiency dry eye

Is due to a lack of tear production from the lacrimal gland under your brow bone. The best cure for this type of dry eye is to drink plenty of water, use artificial tears with a water base, or treat the underlying cause such as an autoimmune disease.


At View Optometry we carry a line of products to help with both types of dry eye.  Your optometrist will recommend the best products for you.



Life is short...Your lashes shouldn't be! 

How many times have you hoped for longer, fuller eyelashes?

Latisse before and after.jpg

At View Optometry, we are now happy to say that we carry Latisse! It is a treatment for hypotrichiosis otherwise known as not enough eyelashes. For those of you who struggle with this or would simply love more eyelashes, Latisse is the solution. Just like any medication, with Latisse you will not see any results over night. In fact it will take up to 2 months to see anything at all, but good things come to those who wait! Our very own Dr. Hines has started her treatment of Latisse and we are pleased to report that with regular applications and some patience, the results are in. As you can see in the picture, it is very obvious that her eyelashes have grown in the 3 months that she has been applying Latisse to her lashes. Now for the gentlemen who are reading this and wondering why they need to know about this... If you have ever heard your girl grumble about how she wants longer eyelashes, you can surprise her with a box of Latisse! Whether an anniversary is coming up or you just want to make her feel special, Latisse is a guaranteed gift that will make your lady very happy!