Why do eye exams range in cost? Aren't they all the same?

Not all eye exams are created equally.  At our office we provide the latest technology for all our patients and spend an ample amount of time explaining our findings to our patients.  If another office offers a lowered rate then someone else it may be because you have to pay extra to get a retinal photo done or they have 15 minute eye exams while others have 30 minutes. 

  • Things to ask about or look for when choosing an optometrist:

    • Do they perform a retinal photo and it is part of the exam fee?

    • How long will I be with the doctor?

    • Will they dilate my eyes?

    • Do they have other equipment in the office, such as a visual field or OCT, if you require additional testing?

Most extended insurance plans will cover the majority or all of your exam fee.  Also, if we are able to bill your CareCard for a medical reason we will and this will reduce the exam fee for you.

Remember, many eye problems are asymptomatic, get your eyes checked regularly even if you don’t need glasses.

Teri Hines