I can't see my cellphone anymore

Everyone hates to hear that they can now benefit from reading glasses or progressive lenses.  Have no fear, this is a natural process!  Did you know that the medical term for this is presbyopia?

As our eyes age the lens inside the eye continues to grow, eventually the lens starts to get too dense and loses the flexibility that it once had.  That flexibility is what allows us to focus at different distances.  The lens eventually gets stuck in the distance position and we need reading glasses to make up the power difference that is required to see things clearly that are closer than arms length.

  • Your options:

    • Separate glasses for reading only

      • Good if you don’t wear glasses for distance but annoying to have to carry around reading glasses all the time, especially if you always have to dig into your bag to go find them!
      • Best for one particular working distance, may not work for both computer and reading
    • Progressive lenses

      • Best option for people who already wear glasses full time, why not have your cake and eat it?
      • Will take some time to get use to them but the vast majority of people do
      • There are many types of progressive lenses, some can be used specifically for work and can be customized
    • Multifocal contact lenses

      • Good option for existing contact lens wearers, the only thing that will change is a better view!
      • Doesn’t give you perfect distance or near vision, but pretty good at both
      • Best for people who don’t want to wear glasses for most tasks but are willing to put on some reading glasses for fine print

Please visit our office to find out the best option for correcting your vision.

Teri Hines