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Your Prescription Explained

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There are 4 components to your prescription: Sphere, Cylinder, Axis, and Add.

Sphere is a number that will indicate if you are nearsighted or farsighted.  A minus number means that you are nearsighted and a plus number means that you are farsighted.
Cylinder and Axis indicate if you have astigmatism which is another type of prescription.  If you do not have astigmatism this part of your prescription will be blank or will have the letters ‘sph’ which means that you only have the sphere component in your prescription.
Add will be present if you require a different prescription for reading or computer.  

These numbers can be used to make different types of lenses, either distance only, reading only, computer only, or multifocal lenses.  Our doctors or staff members will advise you on the best type of lenses for you depending on your visual demands.