your eye health

Your Eye Exam Explained

Your eye exam will begin with pre-testing which will provide the optometrist with an approximate reading of your prescription and a photo of your retina.  Next the optometrist will record a thorough history of your vision and general health, which includes a measurement of your glasses. Through a process called refraction you will be provided with your updated glasses prescription. You and your doctor will view your retinal photo, allowing them to explain your  unique eye characteristics. Then an exam of the eye health with non invasive, state of the art instruments will be performed. If required, eye drops will be used to dilate your pupils. 

Dilation of the pupil will cause temporary sensitivity to light and blurred vision.


If you would like a contact lens prescription, a contact lens fitting will be required. The doctor will determine which type of contact lens would suit you best and make sure that the lenses fit properly and are healthy for your eyes. They will also make sure that you are seeing your best!