It's Our 2 Year Anniversary!

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You’re invited to our customer appreciation day!

When: October 23rd

Where: 129 3rd Street East, North Vancouver

What: Prizes, Food, & Discounts on Designer Frames

Please RSVP using this online form for a personalized shopping experience.

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We’ve been taking care of your eyes and helping you find your style for 2 years now and we’re excited to celebrate with you!

In October View Optometry will be holding a 20% off sale on selected frames, as well as taking a trip down memory lane to highlight the important information we have covered with you since we opened.

Did you visit us when we first opened?

It’s recommended that you see your Optometrist every two years for a routine eye exam! Our two year anniversary also means you’re due for a check up!

Did you also know that children should have their eyes checked every year from the ages of 6 months to 18 years old?

Did you know that we don’t do the “air puff test”?

Quite often patients ask us during pretesting when they’ll have to deal with the “dreaded eye-puff test”. We use a device called the I-Care tonometer which is much less invasive. There is so much new information being discovered all of the time in regards to our eye health and we pride ourselves in having up-to-date diagnostic equipment to make sure you’re seeing your best!

Did you know that many health conditions can be diagnosed by an optometrist?

We hope that we have taught you over the past two years, that so many health conditions can be diagnosed first by an optometrist spotting anomalies in our eyes. The old saying about the eyes being “a window to our soul” is true! Since the eyes are the only place in our body’s that a doctor can look in and actually see your blood vessels, they can be the first to detect underlying health conditions before they become serious. This is one of many reasons why we are always telling you how important it is to see your eye doctor for your routine eye exams.

We hope you can celebrate with us!

Teri Hines