Sports Eye Safety Month!

In April, we welcome spring and the renewal of outdoor sports! Outdoor or indoor sports may require some safety glasses such as squash or mountain biking. In this blog we will tell you why it is so important to wear protective eye wear. Staying active is one of the most important parts of staying healthy but safety is often overlooked and can result in eye injuries with permanent damage.

Sports related injuries are very common and range in seriousness, minor injuries such as minor corneal abrasion and eyelid bruises usually go away on their own. However there are more serious injuries that can result in permanent damage; some eye injuries can cause internal bleeding or even retinal detachment. No matter the wound, it is always better to be safe than sorry! Unfortunately, one third of sports related eye injuries happen to kids, always encourage your kids to wear their helmets, face masks, goggles, safety pads and any other protective equipment.

At View Optometry, we carry Wiley X, a line that carries protective eye wear for everyone and that has been described as fashionable protective eye wear . They can be made into clear protective goggles or if you will be wearing them outside, they also come in a sunglass form, some even have an added inserted facial cavity to make sure the glasses completely block any chance of dirt or cement going into the eyes. Our most popular frame to date is the Brick frame, this has been converted into a clear goggle form and kept in their sunglass original form and fit various face shapes and sizes.

All in all, a day without an eye injury is a good day and there are several ways to prevent a sports eye injury. Please remember that regular prescription glasses do not count as protective eye wear. In the case of a straight hit in the eye it is best to see an optometrist right away as they will be able to diagnose any eye injury or potential complication faster than your regular GP or going to the ER.

Teri Hines