Would you rather see as a cat, dog, or eagle?

Animal lovers, this one is for you! Whether you have a pet at home or just love animals in general, tune in to learn about their eyes! Animals like us have two eyes but some animals can’t see all of the colors we see or they can see more than we do, here are some animals that will surprise you in terms of their sight. 


Cats!! Whether or not cats are better than dogs is a forever argument, however a cool fact about cats is that they see about 20 degrees wider than us! They have great peripheral vision which explains their amazing ability to spot a mouse faster than we ever could. Adding to that, we’ve discovered that even though we have plenty of cells called rods in our eyes, cats surpass us by 6 to 8 times; these rods give them better night vision than humans and also allow them to sense motion in the dark! 




The dog, the most common pet dubbed “man’s best friend” is a funny one. For years we’ve thought they were unable to see in color at all but we’ve found out that even though their color vision is limited, they do in fact see some colors. However due to lack of cells called cones compared to a human, the colours they do see will neither be as intense or rich as we see. While we humans have 3 cones, our canine friends only have two, meaning the dog can figure out the difference in between blue and yellow but will not in between red or green. The world from a dog’s point of view is made of yellow, gray and blue.




Eagle – You recognize eagles by the sound they make or by their white head but what would it be like to see from their point of view for just a day? Well Eagles pretty much beat us in several aspects of vision. To start even though they have a much smaller body than we do, their eyes are roughly the same size and weight as ours! Ever wonder if eagles make fun of us humans struggling to see far away, using binoculars when they can see that exact same thing without needing any help and not only that, we usually pick the HD setting on our TVs but they already have an HD system built in!  Some people have good hand eye coordination and are really good at playing tennis or golf, well eagles have superior eye coordination which makes them really good at catching prey quickly. The only downside I see to being an eagle is that their night vision is not the greatest at all and they would much rather relax in their nests at night than go hunting. 

We hope that this article gave you some fun information about animal eyes! Whether you already have a dog or a cat or even a bird; or if you’re planning to get one, now you’ll know what their eyesight is like. 

Teri Hines