Allergies And The Eyes

Even with all this rain it seems that allergy season has started in North Vancouver.  In the last week I have had several patients talk to me about their eyes feeling itchy when they go outside.  Over the counter medication can work for some people but a prescribed allergy drop may work better.

There are two main symptoms that indicate to me that my patients have allergies that are affecting their eyes: itchy eyes and watering eyes.  I can also look for objective signs such as small bumps on the underside of their eye lids.

The anti-allergy drop that I most commonly prescribe has both a long-acting component and a short-acting component which means that you will have quick relief and long lasting lessening of symptoms.  Most over-the-counter allergy drops only have the quick relief component, therefore you will need to use the drop more often to get the same result.

Tip of the day: If your eyes are feeling really itchy... do not itch them vigorously, the best thing to do is rinse out your eyes with an artificial tear (if you have some) and then put a cool washcloth over your eyes.

Come visit us to get a prescription allergy relief eye drop if you are having itchy and tearing eyes.

Teri Hines